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ISO 9001:2000 Certified Sai Mobident dental care center is an ISO 9001:2000 certified dental clinic, which goes a long way in stating the quality standards maintained here right from the quality of treatments offered to our patients to all other system management protocols. Zero Infection In today's day and age, infection control in a dental clinic is of primary concern to all visiting it. We at Sai Mobident dental center take maximum care to make it a zero contamination zone and make it safe for our patients

What We Do

(History of Mobident) The foundation of mobident hospitals was laid down in the month of april 1989 in an unauthorised colony Budh Vihar, the north west district of New Delhi.Dr.S.K.Arora started his dental practice in the name and style of shanti dental clinic with a vision and mission to serve the underprivileged section of society with the latest dental care. In those days ,in these areas, where most of masses knew dental treatment means extraction of tooth and were just coming to the shanti dental clinic to get rid of tooth by extraction not to save it because of the limited knowledge and means of livelihood they were right, but Dr.Arora had other plans, since the vast knowledge of dentistry and his strong belief in narseva narayanseva made him determine to make the people understand that teeth are meant to be last for more than lifetime. Those were the days in these areas the basic necessities of life like electricity and drinking water were luxury items .Electricity cut offs for 3 regular months were seen�¢?�¦still Dr.Arora implemented his vision of bringing latest dentistry to COMMAN MAN�¢??S REACH. In those troubling days he survived with minimum available sources of man material and machine. Slowly and steadily the local population started to accept dental treatment in place of dental extraction. This acceptance made his will more stronger to aware the society regarding the dental care, oral cancer among the masses. (Sai Mobident Dental Center On Panel DGEHS, MCD and DERC,IPGCL,PPCL Dental OT with day care facility. 24x7 Helpline - +91-9818892711,+91-981131760)


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